When you choose to support Community Brookside with your financial gifts, you are investing in Brookside.

The donations to community Brookside are not just used to pay rent and utilities, but the idea is to keep gifts flowing out into our community. Over the past few years, Community Brookside has used these financial gifts to host events, to feed the homeless, to equip Tulsa students with school supplies, to provide Thanksgiving meals to our neighbors, to help make Christmas gifts a reality for local families, and much more. 

Support the work we do
at Community Brookside

When you give to Community Brookside, know that your generosity plays a role in the mission of our church to make a difference in the lives of those who live right outside our front doors.

All donations to Community Brookside are tax deductible since we are a non-profit organization that seeks the betterment of our world through the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Give with confidence, knowing that you are making a difference in Brookside and Tulsa through your generosity!