We at Community Brookside, want to honor the memories made and the faith journeys that began at Trinity United Methodist Church. For the next few years, Brookside Collective Park will be the place where we hope to grow a community that honors such a treasured past.

We will also, over the next few years, develop and build a new facility on this sacred ground that will be a multi-use facility with retail spaces, small business incubators, restaurants, and potentially even lofts…in addition to a space for our church, Community Brookside. 

We want to be involved in the community around our property as well, so we are working hard to be the best neighbors we can be to the families and businesses around us.

Our main focus is on making our community better by putting what we know and believe about scripture into practice. We want to be a place where community develops and lives are enriched!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a tenant or partnering with us on this endeavor, please contact us.