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Community Brookside is a new faith community in Brookside. Through a grant from the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church, we embarked on a journey to create a church that looks like the people who live, work, and play in Brookside. We are calling our church, “Community Brookside,” because we want to emphasize the importance of community. We want church to not only be a place of worship, but also a lifestyle for those whose lives are changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We expect our faith to change our community.

Community was birthed from the idea that Christ gathered a community of believers around him who changed the world. He didn’t call perfect people. He didn’t call the most righteous or people who had their lives perfectly put together. He instead called fishermen and tax collectors. He ate with sinners, forgave prostitutes and loved all who sought him. Jesus changed the lives of the people in the community around him and in turn that community changed the world. We want to create a community of believers that lives out the Gospel every day. We want each of us, as a community of believers, to impact our world just as the early Christians did so long ago. We want to love all people, just like Jesus.